Freedom Frequencies

Join us for a transformative journey through the realms of sound and self expression during our upcoming retreat with Maywa, Ella,Pablo and Steffen. Over five days, we'll delve deep into the exploration of self through vocal freedom, music production techniques, alchemizing emotions and playful embodiment.

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Join us for an immersive experience of self-discovery, expression, and transformation as we journey through the elements and unlock the power of our authentic voices.

Day 1: We'll ground ourselves in the theme of Earth, connecting with the essence of sound healing and setting intentions for our journey ahead. Through a collective prayer during the opening cacao ceremony, we'll establish a sacred space for our exploration.

Day 2: Moving into the realm of Water, we'll dive into the depths of our emotions, unraveling judgments and desires to create from a place of authenticity. With guidance from Maywa and Ella, we'll explore vocal freedom and embark on a journey of self-expression before delving into the recording process.

Day 3: As we embrace the element of Air, we'll open our hearts to compassion and the power of collaboration within the tribe. Through collaborative creations and the magic of space holding, we'll explore the dynamics of co-creation and the strength of community. Furthermore we will explore the depths of music production and recording with Steffen & Pablo.

Day 4: Igniting the element of Fire, we'll finalize our arrangements and empower ourselves to celebrate the journey we've undertaken by co-creating a full on immersive event feat. Cacao Ceremony, Sound Healing and Ecstatic Dance, culminating in a joyful celebration of our achievements.

Day 5: Transitioning into the realm of Aether, we'll reflect on how we can integrate our experiences into our daily lives, carrying the lessons learned and the connections made forward beyond the retreat.

Please note: The retreat will be held in English

What to bring?


  • A laptop with Ableton Live installed, any version is ok if you already have one (if not you can get a fully working 30 Day trial version on the website:
  • Headphones


  • Musical Instruments
  • Midi Controllers


  1. Freedom Frequencies: Mi. 17.07.2024 16:00 – So. 21.07.2024 14:00, Ella Vie | Maywa | Pablo Giuggioloni | Steffen Ki, Seminarpreis 777 €, ggf. zzgl.Übernachtung/Verpflegung, Booking Available

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